Friday, 15 June 2012

The Turning Point:

I never imagined how my life should be until I saw other people enjoying life..big cars, designer dresses, designer shoes, lot of money and so on. I thought these things are like the most important things in one’s life. Why do we study so hard, of course to get educated and get a good job? We work hard for our better future and happiness. I was blind. I couldn’t live those dreams and it was killing me from inside. I started weaving dreams that one day I will finish my studies and I will get all I want. Silly me. But when I got into the worst relationship in my life…and got educated that I have to learn how much and whom to trust. I realized that in life, it’s not important that you live in a hideous apartment then a hideous family.
     All those songs, which say how the girl kept a relationship alive and let her guy, win all the fights even if she is the one who is right, I can imagine the pain and tears you have been hiding so hard. I cannot say that I have done the biggest thing in the world by coping with a bad relationship and break up..but for me it was a huge turning point. I realized that how stronger I have become. I got to learn one more thing….when life gives you just don’t need to be strong need to be a little brave and shameless too!

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