Thursday, 26 July 2012

We Need To Talk!

It just needs three words to start a romantic relationship and then end it completely. If you know what I am saying. “I love you” is a short sweet phrase that would gear up a new life but “Its over now” can crush everything into pieces.

Why do people go through breakups? In my life, I went through only one painful break up that almost killed me. I always wondered, why is that he just found love in some other girl even after such a beautiful relationship! Why is that we didn’t give a shot to save it. I kept blaming myself for all this mess. Maybe we are too different we got tired of adjusting or maybe we were not meant to be together. May be this all happened for my own good. After a year of that breakup, I could clearly see that it absolutely was for my good. In fact, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Have you ever wondered that what makes people just walk out of a relationship so easily and move on with their lives? Why is that they just walk away and find someone new to romance with. How could they do that and get sleep at night?

I tag such people under the category of cowards. It sounds a little rude, but I found that the secret behind all the successful married couples is that they have the courage to mend things and live with it. Who doesn’t have flaws, some you can have a control on and and you can't help with some, but that nowhere says that you should start finding a new partner who possess those missing qualities. What if they lack other important qualities which you desire, will you dump them again?
Those people who keep jumping from one partner to another don’t have guts to face a real life with them. They are so adamant that they won't adjust even a bit and sooner when things start to be practical and a little different, they will run away.

If you have the guts to be committed and face whatever comes on the way, you are a real hero. Being into any kind of relationship needs a lot of courage, guts and bravery. After all, “Break-up” and running away is the favourite activity of cowards.

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