Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mom, I am Gay! (One Act Play 1)

(The stage has a setting of two rooms; one, the draw-in room with a small dining table, and the other half of the stage has a setting of a bedroom, with a bed, a cupboard, and a study table.)
(Raj is running inside the house to go to his room. He has a roll of paper in his hand. His mother is present in the room, with a pooja thali and a small bell in her hand; she is ringing it. Raj runs past her and get inside his room.)
Ma: “Arey Raju Beta, why are you running inside the house?”
(Raj didn’t stop to answer her, and went inside his room. His mother leaves the stage. Raj sits on his bed, and slowly unrolls the paper that he has been carrying in his hand.)
Raj (reads aloud to himself): “The verdict of Supreme Court turns against the homosexual citizens in the country as they have been criminalised under section 377.”
(Raj keeps staring at the newspaper)
Raj (thinking): “So, am I a criminal as well?”
(Ma knocks on his door, Raj hides the newspaper under his pillow.)
Ma (comes inside the room with the pooja thali in her hand): “Raju, what happened Beta? Why were you running? Is everything okay?”
(Ma puts a vermillion mark on Raj’s forehead, and gives him two cubes of sugar from the plate in his cupped palms.)
Raj (clearing his throat): “Nothing Ma, was just running late to school. I was about to get ready.”
Ma (pats his shoulders and smiles): “Mera Raju Beta, such a hardworking lad. Come on, get ready quick. I made your favourite aloo parathas today.”
(Raj smiles and hugs his mother. Ma gets a little worried now.)
Ma: “Is everything okay, Beta? Tell me.”
Raj: “Nothing Ma, I am a little worried about my studies.”
Ma (kisses his cheeks): “Whatever are the results, however is your studies, you are never going to be less of my son. Don’t be worried, Beta. We will always love you and accept you for what you are, and what you would become in the future. And I know, my Beta would never let me down.”
(Ma leaves the room with smile. Raj closes the door behind her, and breaths heavily. He takes his school uniform out of his cupboard, and throws them on his bed. He sits on a corner of the bed and gets lost in his thoughts.)
(Lights shift to a part of the room behind Raj, where an adult and a small boy are seated on the bed. His uncle, Gopal, is smiling at the boy, and giving him chocolates, and slides his hand inside his pants. The boy smiles and chuckles)
Boy: “Hahahaha, Gopi Uncle, its tickling.”
Gopal: “Does it feel nice? Tell me.”
Boy “Its tickling.”
Gopal: “Raju, don’t tell anyone about this, its our “big boy secret”. Okay?”
Boy: “Okay.”
(A mobile phone starts ringing. Raj comes out of his thoughts, and reaches towards his phone. He reads the message, looks at the time and starts getting ready for school.)
(Raj is in his school uniform and comes out of his room. His mother is arranging breakfast for him on the dining table. Raj looks at his watch, and feels troubled.)
Ma: “Beta, come and have some breakfast.”
Raj: “Ma, I am running late for school. Can I eat them later?”
Ma (smiles): “Okay, but let me pack some for you. Eat during your tiffin break.”
(Ma takes a tiffin box and puts the aloo parathas inside, and gives it to Raj. Raj puts the tiffin box in his bag, and leaves.)
Scene 2
Evening time
(Raj is back from school, and is studying on his table. He is staring at the book and is thinking.)
Raj (to himself): “I never liked boys in that way, maybe that shows that I am not. But what about Gopi Uncle? Why did I like it in my childhood, what does that mean? Why is the government doing this? Now, they are going to put in jail. Ma and Papaji would die out of shame. What do I do?”
Papaji enters the room, and Raj is unaware of his presence. He clears his throat to talk. Raj turns back and is startled.)
Papaji: “What happened? Are you okay? You seem to be tired and worried.”
Raj: “Nothing Papaji, these math sums are killing me. I have my first board exams in a month, and I am a little worried.”
Papaji: “Its okay Beta, you will do well. Come at once for dinner; study afterwards.”
(Raj and Papaji leave the room. They go to the draw-in room, where the food is being served by Ma. They all occupy their seats, and start eating. Papaji pulls out the newspaper to read. Everyone is silent.)
Papaji: “There now! Justice is done to our culture. These homosexual freaks are now decriminalised. They should be banned from the country.”
(Raj starts sweating, and Ma is eating in silence.)
Papji: Now Shukla’s son will be behind bars for his madness. The other day, I saw him holding hands and walking with another man in the community park, and kissing him on his cheeks. When I told Shukla about this, he said that he doesn’t mind his son being different. Now let me see where he hides his so-called “different” son. Shameless people, huh!”
Raj (timidly): But Papaji, they too are human beings, and they too have feelings. They have rights.”
Papaji: “Don’t speak, Raj. I know much more than you. I have seen the world much more than you did. Don’t try to be too smart with me.”
(Ma looks up from the plate. Raj gets frustrated.)
Raj: “But Papaji…”
Papaji (angrily): “Shut up, Raj! Stop arguing with me. Finish your dinner and get back to your studies.”
(Raj gets really angry; he takes a deep breath, and gathers all her strength to speak.)
Raj (looks at his mother): “Ma, I need to tell you something.”
Ma (without looking up from her food): “Quit it, Raj. Your father is right.”
Raj: “Ma, I am gay!”
(Papaji looks at Raj and is shocked. Ma gets up from the chair with an exasperated face with her hands on her chest)
The End

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