Thursday, 26 July 2012

We Need To Talk!

It just needs three words to start a romantic relationship and then end it completely. If you know what I am saying. “I love you” is a short sweet phrase that would gear up a new life but “Its over now” can crush everything into pieces.

Why do people go through breakups? In my life, I went through only one painful break up that almost killed me. I always wondered, why is that he just found love in some other girl even after such a beautiful relationship! Why is that we didn’t give a shot to save it. I kept blaming myself for all this mess. Maybe we are too different we got tired of adjusting or maybe we were not meant to be together. May be this all happened for my own good. After a year of that breakup, I could clearly see that it absolutely was for my good. In fact, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Have you ever wondered that what makes people just walk out of a relationship so easily and move on with their lives? Why is that they just walk away and find someone new to romance with. How could they do that and get sleep at night?

I tag such people under the category of cowards. It sounds a little rude, but I found that the secret behind all the successful married couples is that they have the courage to mend things and live with it. Who doesn’t have flaws, some you can have a control on and and you can't help with some, but that nowhere says that you should start finding a new partner who possess those missing qualities. What if they lack other important qualities which you desire, will you dump them again?
Those people who keep jumping from one partner to another don’t have guts to face a real life with them. They are so adamant that they won't adjust even a bit and sooner when things start to be practical and a little different, they will run away.

If you have the guts to be committed and face whatever comes on the way, you are a real hero. Being into any kind of relationship needs a lot of courage, guts and bravery. After all, “Break-up” and running away is the favourite activity of cowards.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Waiting waiting and waiting....

How it feels to keep waiting for something you want to happen at the soonest in your life. Waiting for your crush to ask you out, waiting for a good news in family, waiting for your husband who is yet to return from his office etc. etc. Sometimes, waiting can turn out really depressing and sad. Have you ever felt that what if the moment you are waiting for is never going to happen in real life?

I suck at waiting for anyone, anything in this world. Trust me, if you ask me to wait for you, then you are going to regret it. I have always been hyperactive and impatient. When I used to read chapters from Ramayana, I used to wonder that how the hell Ram agreed for the fourteen years of exile. Fourteen years?? I could finish my schools right from kindergarten to high school in fourteen years! How could someone be so patient and calm? I don’t believe in waiting, I feel it’s a waste of time. I would rather start the journey than wait for my mother to get dressed and half an hour extra for the accesories and make-up. Am so sorry, but I am just like that.

I would say that I avoid waiting to prevent the clouds of negative thoughts, gloominess and depression. Walking fast doing and any kind of activity keeps me engaged and keeps my spirits high. Window-shopping is the best example to  be mentioned here. I like to go around and see things and dresses and then try them out. Then I re-think about the visits, budget and quality after trial in at least seven outlets and decide that which "one" is worth buying.
People like me, who are like an Express train (giggles) like to do things quicker. We end up having so much time left in a day to invest in leisure works or to polish our skills. You got 20 minutes in your schedule with no work, why not read a blog or a book or shop something online. Why not see the reviews of the latest cosmetics and bath products, or apply a face pack on your face and just relax. See, who knew that walking fast in the market to shop groceries could sa you so much time!

In the end, I would like to say that it’s good to be patient, but it's not bad at all to be impatient like me. Who knows how much time we gotleft in our life. Let's make the most of it, by not waiting for thhings to happen in our life.

Monday, 2 July 2012

The Monsoon Of My Dreams...

I don’t understand the relation between rain and emotions. Many of us plug our headphones and listen to the best of the romantic songs and stare at the cold raindrops falling from the sky, imagining us standing with our darling love out in the open and kissing each other. When I imagine myself in that position, believe me, my heart skips many beats. Some of us just feel an urgent need of warm and spicy treat to our watering mouth. Chai and Pakodas, as we Indians crave for in the monsoon. Some of us drop few tears remembering the void of love and the loved one in our heart and life.

I was never fortunate enough to enjoy a monsoon romance in my whole life. Monsoon, I don’t know, what it does to me, suddenly I turn into Shakespeare falling in love. The picture of me walking with him in the rain, dancing slowly in the cold drizzle and looking into each other's eyes, how perfect is that. Mmmmm, I miss him.

In a relationship, of any kind, comfort is the most important factor. When do you know you are not comfortable with that person? Well, I’ll give you just one tip; I found that it is when you are not able to meet his or her eyes. When I look into someone’s eyes, I don’t understand, but creates an unwanted bond between me and the person, which forces you to be honest, speak the truth and be bold enough to face them. Hence I stare away, looking at the hair, or the people in the background, the color of the dress they are wearing but I still manage to get people’s attention and have a comfortable chat. As being a little different from my Indian family, my mother and me have a lot of differences and unfortunately I end up doing what she thinks is inappropriate for me. It makes me feel right until I face her, and then the clouds of guilt and fear surrounds my mind. So I never had the courage to look into her eyes. But it becomes a problem when you are with the love of your life and you are unable to look into his or her eyes. It has happened to me in the past, so I do have an idea how it feels.

   But he is not like others. I can look in his eyes and suddenly I can feel the world around freeze at that moment, I feel the bond between me an him and I can see how much he trusts me. I never lie to him, except for that I had breakfast in the morning (giggles). Hmmmm, love..makes my life so beautiful…!!
And it rains! Blessings are showering from heaven. But alas, even today I just have to dream about my perfect monsoon moment. And soon it shall come true.