Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Balance of Good Bad and Horrible

The Universe is in perfect balance, nothing is imbalanced here. Life is a collarge, a painting,  in which all the elements and colorsfit in perfectly. The good times are always followed by the tough ones. Similarly, when we are going through the hard days, we should hope and have strength to look forward for the happy days.
Whenever I am sad..I just pray that it goes off soon and I get to live happy again...I just don't give up dreaming big and happy things. It might sound like a lunatic, but even if I am in the biggest trouble, I will dream of window shoopping, going out for the nicest food and the PJs' I crack, and what not.
    Never stop dreaming, and always keep dreaming about the happy moments. As I said, you need to be ready for the tough times, but you need to have plans to make the best of your happy moments. They should be the ones you should be peaceful. Live all your happy moments to the fullest, only then you will be ready to go through the sad ones. Stay happy!

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